Stone and Crystal Medicine 2014 Intensive

at Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

with Sarah Thomas, LAc

Six weekends, starting March 2014.

Third weekend of each month (March, April, May, July, August, September).

Saturdays 10-5, Sundays 9-2.

$900 (Class is full! Stay tuned for 2015)

In this course you will:

  • Embody the deepest layer of natural medicine and learn to weave it into your current practice of herbalism, acupuncture, bodywork, or stay-at-home magic

  • Understand the origins of mineral medicine, its role throughout our history, and where it is today

  • Learn dozens of stones and their properties according to ancient Taoist texts

  • Learn how to create on-the-body stone treatments for many spiritual and physical conditions

  • Learn how to alchemize, prescribe, and dose effective mineral elixirs

  • Learn how to identify and harvest stones on rockhounding trips in the Blue Ridge mountains.

  • Become a practitioner of science and magic

Stone Medicine

Every aspect of life on our planet depends on the plant kingdom for its survival. And the plant kingdom depends entirely on the mineral kingdom! This provoked the common sense of our ancestors. They saw stone medicine as the grandmother of herbal medicine.

Over the next fifty years, we will experience the return of stone and crystal medicine. It will play a critical role in acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, farming, environmental restoration, space development, and more. Furthermore, it is crystal clear that they will play a role in our mass awakening, as humankind itself is becoming “transparent to the light.” Stone medicine is just about to pop.

This course is for you

If you are drawn to stones, this course is for you. It is intended for the general public. Acupuncturists, herbalists, all health professionals, and stay-at-home ‘stonalists’ are all welcome. There is no prerequisite knowledge required and beginners will feel very comfortable.

This course is intended to teach you how to practice stone medicine practically and effectively. You will intuitively interact with stones while becoming an expert at their biology, geology, and chemistry. We will synthesize several sources of information from ancient Taoist texts. Stone medicine is a sea of vastly uncharted potentials. Together, we will rediscover and write our earth’s deepest medicine. Claim the stone medicine avatar inside you!

Certification details

Your stone and crystal medicine certification will be given by Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. In order to receive the certificate, you must attend ten of the twelve days of study.

Your Instructor

Sarah Thomas BS, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist and owns Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina. She is a student of 88th generation Taoist priest, Jeffrey C. Yuen. In 2010, she implemented North Carolina’s first mineral studies course at Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. Sarah leads rockhounding trips, brings mineral medicine to her patients daily, and has been teaching stone medicine for 7 years. Her passion is helping you remember that all of the knowledge, wisdom, and magic are already inside you.

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