Parasites: Get these guys out of your gut FOR GOOD.

Hello everyone!

Let’s talk parasites. If you have experienced pain in your stomach or intestines, bloating, gurgling, sudden weight-loss, a feeling that your bowels don’t empty completely, an itchy anus, or any digestive symptom that just seem really “off, ” you may have a parasite. Also, if you have traveled outside of the country, you are at high risk.

On Dr. Oz recently, they reported 1 in 3 people have an intestinal parasite!

(The most common seemingly unrelated symptoms are weight-gain, fatigue, depression, and joint pain).

This lady just found out she has a parasite.

I have been doing stool tests with my patients for a couple of years now. I recently started using a new lab that is extremely thorough and accurate, and have been finding many more parasites as a result. It’s very important to treat a parasite if you have one because they cause very severe and chronic strain on our bodies. It’s also important to note that acupuncture treatments alone can not eliminate them.

I am well-versed in creating custom and all-natural herbal protocols to get these guys out of your gut for good. So if you feel like any of the above symptoms are something you are familiar with and you would like to do a test to see if you have hidden stowe aways on your ship, I can give you a test kit at your next appointment. Here is a short Dr. Oz article:

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

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