‘Tis the season for the “Green Essence Stone”

The minerals underneath western North Carolina include mica, garnet, sapphire, quartz, kyanite, aquamarine, and more. NC is ranked ninth in the country in abundance and variety of minerals! We truly live in a rich and powerful area. Aquamarine (which was called the “green essence stone,” in Chinese medicine) is one of our most important local stones. Using our local medicine is 1000x more powerful than any other medicine! We must take advantage of our aquamarine, especially in the Spring.

In ancient Taoist materia medicas, aquamarine was used to create clarity, specifically around one’s life purpose, or destiny. Because Spring is also a time to get clear about exactly what is essential, using aquamarine in the Spring is a very powerful combination for revealing the purpose of your life. Aquamarine will bring you up to great heights, so you can get an eagle’s eye view of your entire experience. From this big picture, you will get clear about what is essential for your soul at this point.

If you are struggling with decisions, whether they are big career or family decisions, or smaller ones, experiment with aquamarine. Carry it with you everyday or place a piece in 4 ounces of water and drink aquamarine elixir every morning. Take advantage of this precious time. Spring and aquamarine will support you in becoming crystal clear about what is essential for you now.

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

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