Amethyst Harvest at Jackson Crossroads, GA

Winter is the perfect time to dig in Georgia. My first trip to Jackson Crossroads was super fun and we found a lot of amethyst. This hole in the ground is about the size of a high school football stadium. Hunters first found amethyst here. Then, when the area was burned and re-planted, tons of amethyst were found in the holes they dug to place the trees in.

So, they dug a strip in the ground (a narrow trough) and have been expanding it since then. This place is literally in the middle of nowhere in Georgia. I really mean nowhere. It is so beautiful and so quiet, and full of 350 million year old amethyst.

After 6 hours, with two of us, this is what we took home.

Remember, amethyst goes to the liver in Chinese Medicine. It emits a vibration of joy. It’s the kind of joy that can only emanate from the liver. A joy that comes from complete freedom and calm.     

Sarah Thomas, LAc

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