A short post about my upcoming stone medicine intensive at the herbal conference

Hello, stone-interested people. I have been asked a lot lately about what the intensive this Fall at the conference will cover. Spending a few extra bucks on an intensive can be a big decision when there are other things to choose from. And…. at this point, the sea of ‘stonalists’ is wider and deeper than ever before, and we are all at different stages of our knowledge.

I was planning on doing a more advanced intensive, but the programming team felt very strongly that I needed to really connect with beginners. They actually listened to the audio of all my previous classes and deduced that many students need basic knowledge reviewed. The programming team is very wise and it’s proven in the amazing success of this conference.

So, our goal became – How do we make an intensive that is great for beginners AND non-beginners?

(The challenge of teaching at the conference is having such a wide and varied audience in each class).

To sum it up, I am going to review all of the basics, say a lot more than I ever have about the entire earth history of stones, and also focus the materia medica to include a lot of stones I have never covered before.

That’s how I will make it appealing to beginners and non-beginners.

I hope you do come, and you like it. I mean, what ELSE will you be doing on a Thursday night? Probably nothing as fun as being with the stones.

Sarah Thomas, LAc

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