Easy way to make medicinal qi balls. Ingredients: cacao, honey, siberian ginseng (eleuthero), ashwaganda, maca and cinnamon

Think of that song –

I wanna know what love iisssss….I want you to showww meeeee…

The answer is: Love is giving these qi balls. To yourself or someone near you.

These qi balls are the most efficient way to take adaptogens. (Adaptogens are a group of herbs that raise your threshold for stress. If you don’t know much about them, they are very much worth researching a bit).

They will raise your threshold for stress, calm you down, unwind your nervous system, heal adrenal fatigue and make you feel secure and warm, like we should on cold Fall days. Actually the list of medicinal properties within one of these balls would take pages to write.

I like this combination of herbs because it is very tasty AND very powerful. You can mix and match any adaptogenic powders. Just research different adaptogens and their properties if you want to make a blend tailored to you.

This recipe is very good. Here is how you do it:

FullSizeRender copy 31) Order adpaotgenic powders from Mounatin Rose Organics, the French Broad Food Co-op, or anywhere you want. For this exact recipe you will need ashwaganda, siberian ginseng (eleuthero), and maca.

2) Get some cacao, honey and cinnamon, too.

3)Mix your powders and cacao and cinnamon into a bowl in any ratio of amounts you desire. Use approx. 200gm herb powder per one cup of honey. If you form 33 balls, each ball has about 6 grams of herbs. take 4 balls a day.

4) Warm one cup of honey in a thick FullSizeRender copy 2bottom sauce pan to about 110 degrees. use a thermometer or just your finger – it should feel warm, not super hot.

2) Pour the warm honey out of the pan into a bowl.

3) Add your mixture of powders into the honey, a little bit at a time, until the honey can’t take anymore powder and it is not sticky anymore, and its at a consistency that you can roll it into gumball sized balls.

4) Place the balls on a cookie sheet. let them sit and cool off a little bit and then you can FullSizeRender copy 4store them in mason jars. The balls will keeFullSizeRender copyp for months because honey is a natural preservative.

6) These don’t taste bad at all but don’t expect it to taste like Twix bars or something. It will taste kind of herby. They are very medicinal.

7) People can start feeling better and more calm and energized on these in a matter of days.

FullSizeRender copy 58) You can share these balls with your friends. Give them a mason jar of some if they have a stressful time. Get them hooked- then show them how to make them.

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

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