New: Crystal bed with sound healing sessions – fee greatly reduced!

Hello Everyone!

Some of you are aware that I have a unique modality available in my practice – the John of God Crystal Bed. You can read more about these crystal beds at the link below.

I am about to add a new element (sound healing) to the crystal bed sessions, and also greatly reduce the price of a 60 minute session. The healing this combination will provoke needs to be experienced by many. Its is a gift.

These sessions will become available in the next month or so.

Over the years, I have seen many transformations occur under the soft blinking lights shining through the crystals. I have experienced many profound transmissions and insights, myself. The physical healings are noteworthy, too. I recently saw a woman’s kidney stone pain reduce by 60% in one session.

The crystal bed has two major offerings:

1) The bed thins the veil between this world and the world of the formless. People sink into a beautiful trance state, where they hear and see important messages from important spiritual guides. I have received such clear and beautiful guidances in my own sessions. And, I have countless stories from others.

2) The bed has an incredible effect on the nervous system. It heals stress, trauma, fear, tightness, and nervousness and brings the body into an almost weightless state. This state seems to bring us to the depths of stillness, the depths of heavy calm, and the depths of peace and surrender.

AND NOW…. We are going to add the medicine of sound healing. I will be using special speakers and transformative music to assist the crystals in their work. Some people call this a ‘sound bath’ because the music, when set at the right volume, can vibrationally penetrate us, and cause incredible shifts.

Jeffrey Yuen, my teacher and 88th generation Taoist Priest, has assured us that stone and crystal healing AND sound healing work at the Yuan Level. This level corresponds to the level of the soul, parallel lives, trauma, chronic disease and many other deep and permanent levels of being and consciousness.

I am so happy to now offer these sessions at $50 for 60 minutes. AND, if you come out of your first session and feel clear you need a couple more, I will give you a 3-pack of 60 minute sessions at $40 each. That’s $120 for three hours of deep healing! I am simply doing this because the power of the bed should be experienced and used!

They will take place in the newly designed ‘womb room’ where only you, the crystals, some candles, beautiful music, some gentle darkness and warmth, and your guides can be present.

Individual enlightenment is the only thing that will bring peace and healing to this world. We need to take care of ourselves at these core levels, where all disease and unhappiness are rooted.

Try it atleast once.

– Sarah Thomas, LAc

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