Online Scheduling is Back! (and more)

In this post, we have added back the link to book online! We really need you to read these instructions because things are different. They are also BETTER. Thank you for allowing us to keep improving accessibility and ease here at Clarity Acupuncture. We love you.


Sarah works two rooms on certain days at certain times. You will be able to choose what room you want. (The ‘womb room’ is completely renovated with beautiful new energy).

When you book,

Choose your practitioner first . “Sarah” works in the regular room with all the stones and windows. We have renamed that room “the rainbow room.” Appointments in the rainbow room begin on the hour.

You can also choose “Sarah 2.” Sarah 2 works in the “womb room” and starts appointments on the half-hour.


Sarah” works in the

rainbow room

on the hour

Sarah 2” works in the

womb room

on the half-hour

So just be sure to select your practitioner, Sarah or Sarah 2. And the rest should unfold easily.

Thank you! You are now ready for the button! Go ahead!


– Sarah (and Nora!)

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