The Philosophy and Offerings of Sarah’s Practice

After treating hundreds of patients over thousands of treatments, I believe that disease is always rooted in a consciousness. Our bodies are clear signalers of deeply held beliefs, often subconscious. Long-term patterns, whether physical or spiritual, have their roots in these consciousnesses. Our souls, the aspect of us who is much more vast than our present life experience, need healing.

Acupuncture is a full spectrum approach and can address the level of the soul, ancestry, karma and deep emotional cycles.

With each patient, I focus on being present with their consciousness and heart. This leads to true and permanent healing rather than fighting symptoms. Experienced healers know that even when we successfully treat a physical symptom, it will only return or find another way to manifest if the consciousness behind it is not healed.

Technically, I focus on spirit and soul-centered treatments such as esoteric geometry patterns, eight-extraordinary meridian openings, and 5-element constitutional points. Below, I translate these to our human experience.

I also use light, crystals, plants, sound and small rituals that resonate with consciousness. This could be called a shamanistic approach, which is the most ancient form of healing on Earth. Each treatment is your own personal ceremony where miraculous growth can occur. This approach becomes a healing path where patients come in for their next evolution generally every two weeks.

Esoteric Geometry Patterns – These treatments use biogeometry principles rather than a direct meridian approach. They are some of the most powerful treatments and create life-changing shifts. The body recognizes the geometries and brings them to the “yuan” level, which is the level of consciousness, soul, lineage and chronic or even lifelong dis-ease. An example of a healing that can take place with this kind of intervention would be a complete and permanent state of self-forgiveness flooding the body for something the patient has never been able to forgive themselves for. This shame and inner pain could be the root consciousness behind their high blood pressure, for instance, or may have become a more serious disease.

Eight-Extraordinary Meridian Treatments – These eight meridians reach to greater depths than any other set of meridians. They hold the entire record of our soul’s journey. They are known to actually change the course of our lives and the trajectory of our destiny. For instance, if it has been stored in your deep records (DNA) that you would attract abusive primary partners in this lifetime, that can actually be altered and redirected. Another example would be a woman who has had many miscarriages because her own mother did or because she did in other incarnations. These treatments can actually break that cycle at the level of the DNA and redirect towards a healthy pregnancy.

5-Element Constitutional Points – This is a Taoist approach rooted in an ancient text known as the Nan Jing. It is my primary graduate focus and you can read more about 5-element acupuncture at the post about it on this site. These treatments focus on emotional patterns such as deep chronic grief, anxiety, worry, sadness, depression and more. These points have dislodged many emotional grooves in patients over the years. A great example would be a man who is so angry that his child was abused that his anger becomes ‘toxic’ and moves into the deepest layers of his being, causes depression, and may even become a ‘fire toxin’ which can create cancer or any other serious disease. Trauma, deep fear and other deep emotion that can greatly affect one’s life can be addressed as well.

In each example, we see that our daily physical symptoms and emotional patterns are rooted in the spirit and soul-level. We will use our time together to heal you in this deeper place. In my experience, it is working at this level that truly cures physical symptoms, opens our hearts, and awakens our consciousness.

Always evolving,

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

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