Clarity Acupuncture Takes a Rest after 11 Years in Asheville

Dear friends of Clarity Acupuncture,

Our office suite has lost its footing in the midst of covid-19. All of us are one-on-one healers and we all stopped seeing patients in March. Even though we were all going as strong as ever, and had been in the suite together almost 7 years, when the income stopped many of the practitioners could not keep paying the rent.
Just by chance, our lease with the building owners was up on June 1st. We suddenly have to move out all of our things by the end of May. (It’s slightly possible they will let us stay a month or two longer to get our things out and transition with more ease).
Small businesses and one-on-one services are just getting destroyed right now. Many of these people work so hard and still can only stay about a month ahead after feeding their families, rent, expenses, etc. I feel sad that so many hard working people are losing so much that they have built.
This has ignited the inevitable for me. I just didn’t ever think it would happen this fast. I thought I would stay seeing one-on-one patients, just a handful a week, for several years. But, the Divine has other plans for me. I am just now coming to complete clarity on all of this. I am being clearly guided to let go of one-on-one healing work and step into new ways of holding space. I will be teaching, like always, to practitioners and non-practitioners, and offering more small group events and ceremonies, particularly in Nature. I might at some point do some mentoring work.
I invite you into this new nest with me. The classes, ceremonies and events offered will be beautiful and powerful. And you are local, so we still have a chance to come together at these events. All of this can be found at
Somewhere inside me, I always knew this day would come, because I knew I would need to learn and grow in new ways. The fact that it is happening now is the only surprise.
And, this is not easy. Even though the calls started as whispers about 5 years ago, I never did this before because I love being with you so much. I love learning from you. I love the way each of you has such strength and courage, and the way you all access that and share that in completely unique ways.
I have a very high-quality referral for you. Her name is Sally Robinson and she works right across Charlotte Street, just a bit up from my own office. She is who I see for acupuncture. She practices similarly to me, which is why I see her. She is a great person and a solid medicine woman. I recommend you give her a try and schedule an intake with her here:
There are parts of me that wish our relationship did not just vanish into the mist like this. There are parts of me that would have loved to have a final goodbye session. Then, there are truer and deeper parts of me who trust this is the highest and most necessary path for all of us. I wouldn’t be guided away like this by such powerful forces if you were not ready for your own next evolution.
Let us all disappear even further into a truer version of ourselves.
I am with you in spirit forever. I am so grateful for you. And, I hope you can join me in future events, online and in-person. The medicine is only growing.
Love always,
p.s. Please contact me through Nora at That email will stay active until mid-Summer. After that, you can find my contact info at

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