The Three Treasures of Selenite

Ok, this is for people who hold a sacred space…anyone who has a special room in which it would serve if the energy and qi could move through easily and clearly. I would like to introduce selenite as a must-have for you. This is a great first stone to experiment with, if you are new to using crystals and minerals, because it creates a pretty obvious shift in a space right away. Feeling the subtlety of that shift in a room will groom you for beginning to feel them in your body.

N.A.S.A uses peace lilies and spider plants to continually clear the air in the small spaces in their aircrafts. It’s like putting an air filter in the room. Selenite is the mineral kingdom’s answer to this possibility – but the deluxe version. The great thing about selenite is that it’s like a self-cleaning oven. It continually clears the energy in the room, AND never needs cleansed or cleared itself. (This is rare in the stone world). And, you do not need to water it, plug it in, or have it in the sun, like plants and air filters. I put a very large piece, about the size of my arm, under my treatment table. Here is the third bonus… because it’s a stone, it will also ground and anchor the person on the table and ground the session itself.

So go get some selenite and enjoy the three treasures it provides: self-cleansing, energy clearing, and grounding and anchoring. If I could take ONE stone to a treatment room on a desert island, it would be selenite. Put a piece in your space and just see what you feel. I recently suggested this to a practitioner who said she could feel it was enhancing her treatments right away.   -Sarah Thomas, LAc

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