Tiger Juice and menopause

Tiger Juice is my name for garnet, moonstone, and carnelian elixir. This is a very nourishing blend and serves to build the yin and blood, clear heat, and support the yin wei mai.

The yin wei mai is an extraordinary vessel that deals with the cycles of our lives. Basically, the major changes and transitional periods we undergo. This combination of intentions – building yin and blood, clearing heat, and supporting us through a major change – is exactly what’s called for during menopause.

In this picture, you can see the small rough moonstone crystal glinting a luminescent blue. It sits upon the larger orange rough carnelian. The garnet is hiding under the carnelian, and is a small deep-red hexagonal stone.

The water it sits in was collected by me, up in Black Mountain, from a natural spring. Over a period of eight hours, the water will shape-sift. Compositionally, it will remain H2O. But structurally, it will change completely. And the first rule in chemistry is that structure determines property. So the properties of the ‘water,’ which is becoming an elixir, will be quite different.

Chinese medicine likes combinations. We combine acupuncture points to create a synergistic effect during treatment, and we combine stones in these elixir blends to create the same synergy. We combine plants, too, in herbal blends.

Stone elixirs are energetic medicine, like homeopathy or flower essences. They work on us at a very very deep level. So we will have three bottles of this ready to go tomorrow morning. If you haven’t tried this medicine yet, ask us what would be best for you. roar!  -Sarah Thomas, L.Ac.

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