Herbal Treatment for Irregular Menstruation

Irregular periods are troubling. Often, a missed period is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Irregular or suspended menstruation can be caused by hormone imbalance, low body weight, excessive exercise and stress. Women have used herbs to balance their hormonal system for centuries. Combined with a good diet, regular rest and moderate exercise, herbal remedies can help to bring your body back into balance and regulate menstruation.


  1. Vitex agnus-castus, also called chastberry, is an important herb for women’s reproductive health. Vitex is shrub native to the Mediterranean region, but is now easily cultivated in most areas of the Untied States. Vitex is the most widely used and arguably the most effective herbal remedy for regulating the menstrual cycle. The vitex berries are made into tinctures, teas and tablets for medicinal use. Vitex should be used over a long period of time to bring your body back into balance. Taking vitex for 12 to 18 months can lave a long-term regulating effect on your menstrual cycle. Vitex can help regulate your menstrual cycle by balancing pituitary function and prolactin levels, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. In her article, “VITEX Chasteberry: A supreme hormonal tonic for women,” herbalist Jessica Godino recommends taking 30 to 50 drops of vitex tincture three times a day for three full menstrual cycles.
  2. Preparing Vitex Tea and Tinctures

  3. You can make your own teas and tinctures with fresh or dried vitex berries. To make a tincture, fill a mason jar with berries and cover with a mixture of half 100 proof vodka or grain alcohol and half water. Cover tightly and let the tincture sit for six weeks. When it is ready, strain the vitex berries from the liquid and you have a medicinal tincture. You can decant the tincture into dosage bottles and store for several years. You can also brew your own vitex teas with fresh or dried vitex berries.
  4. Black Cohosh

  5. A missed period can often be triggered by an imbalance of estrogen production. To increase estrogen levels in your body naturally, you can use black cohosh. Black cohosh has an estrogen-like effect on the body. Black cohosh is also soothing and a mild sedative, which may ease some of the sleeplessness and cramping associated with irregular menstruation. Black cohosh is also associated with inducing labor at the time of birth, for this reason if you are pregnant, you should not use black cohosh.
  6. Other Herbs

  7. Other herbs that are used to stimulate menstrual flow are licorice, vervain, lady’s mantle, blue cohosh, parsley and squaw vine. When taking herbal medicine it is important to work with a trained herbalist. Plants have strong healing abilities, but they can also cause complications when used incorrectly. When working with herbs it is important to realize that herbs alone cannot bring your body into balance. It is important to rest and avoid stress. It is also important to eat a healthy balanced diet and get enough moderate exercise.
  8. Please do not call us for free herbal advice from all over the country! Find a professional in your area. We can not responsibly guide you without doing an intake.                   – Jessica Godino, L.Ac.

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