Rockhounding at the Little Pine Garnet Mine in Madison County

Yesterday Murphy and I traveled out to Madison County for a trip to the Little Pine Garnet Mine in search of some good local medicine.

It was a scene from Scooby-Doo. I wish I had taken some pictures of the entrance to the mine. It’s a big hole in the earth. You can walk right into it, and it becomes a dark cave in about 100 steps. You have to wear a head-lamp to explore the inside, which has garnet crystals protruding from the walls. This mine used to provide Tiffany’s of New York with gem quality garnet.

So, as Murphy and I were meddling around, I ended up finding a nice almandine garnet crystal in some matrix. The almandine crystal formula is: Fe3Al2(SiO4)3. Which means it is quartz plus iron plus aluminum. You can see the deep red color and the large-enough-to-see cubic crystal structure in this specimen. In Chinese medicine, Garnet is known as shi lou shi, or “the pomegranate stone.”

Chronic degenerative diseases have different causes. Some are caused by wei level issues (more superficial, like a tick-bite) moving deeper and deeper into the deep yuan level of the body (as in Lyme’s disease). Garnet is used to pull these deep-rooted pathogens back out to the outer layers so they can be expelled and healed. Like cinnamon twig, it can adjust the balance from the deeper blood, back out to the more superficial wei chi. This is actually how it deals with wind, as well, by moving blood. The aluminum content also contibutes to its efficacy with wind. So think of it for expelling latent pathogenic factors caused by a wei condition.

I actually get these phantom poison ivy red splotches on my inner legs when my body is very heated. It is latent heat from a very bad case of poison ivy I got when I was about nine. The doctors gave me a bunch of prednisone because my face was swelling up, which moves the pathogenic factor deeper in, towards latency. So some aspect of the poison ivy was never expelled or resolved. Garnet would be the stone to pull this old poison ivy out for good.

It is also a principle stone when creating elixirs for menopause because it clears heat. The red color of the almandine suggests it impacts the blood through the law of sicnature, and the cubic structure resonates with the earth element and the chest cavity.

Remember, so much of our current knowledge of herbal medicine is derived from Chinese Materia Medicas. The two primary Materia Medicas began with a stone and crystal section. All of the information I am sharing about stones, is from those texts. Stone medicine works if one is open to it, and is re-emerging as quality alternative medicine. We make elixirs from the stones we harvest, just as the ancient Chinese did, and we have them available in our apothecary.

When we got home, Gracie helped us by finishing my banana popsicle and supervising while I smashed up some matrix looking for more gems.

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