Kidney 4 and the Karate Kid.

If this moment in history could be summed up in one acupuncture point, I would say this is the age of kidney 4, the Great Bell.

Did you know that if the disappearing honey bees go extinct, that will be the end of mankind? And that the polar ice caps are melting at a rate that will change everything on the planet as we know it?

We sit poised on a galactic transformation so profound, that each and every one of us is being asked to contribute. We are now all being asked to really show up. Many of us are facing the challenges of our lives.

It’s game time, everybody. We are all being called.

Kidney 4 is a point on your ankle that the Chinese called the Great Bell. It is the part of you that has the courage to answer the call.

In ancient villages, a great bell was located at the center of town. It was used to notify the people of times for prayer, celebration, weather, outside attacks, and other emergencies or major events. The vibrations of the bell carried throughout the town and the people were called by these great vibrations, like being carried on a wave.

Remember in Karate Kid part 2 when that vicious storm hit Okinawa and Daniel San had to dash out of the shelter to save the ringer of the great bell from being washed away by the storm? And Daniel’s courage shamed the other Japanese karate guy, who was too afraid to leave the safe shelter to save the girl? Daniel answered the call of his true destiny, being the courageous warrior he always was deep inside. That was some symbolic storytelling!

How are you being called? In this time of ‘do or die,’ how are you being asked to fulfill your destiny and your true potential? Is your spirit calling you to let go of an addiction, transform a relationship, or be brave in the face of an illness?

Can you see how the spirit of an acupuncture points is its highest potential? Can you see how the highest form of this medicine is to touch and reveal the wisdom in you that is already there?

Listen . . .

You can do it!!! Your power to leap off the ledge into the black unknowing is only as far as your inner ankle! It is within you. If you need a little help, come in and let us awaken your Great Bell.

I believe in us and our ability to transform and survive. So many spiritual energies and traditions are unleashing all of their power right now. Miracles are at hand.

What you bring your courage to now, will transform all of us. If we all answer the call in our own lives, it will be like the end of Karate Kid part 1. At the very last moment, we are going to pull off that crazy crane kick.

-Sarah Thomas, L.Ac.

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