Make this sauerkraut!

the BEST sauerkraut

If you like color on your plate, and you love probiotic microbes, make this recipe. This flaming magenta sauerkraut comes out so incredibly good that you will end up adding it to every meal, and even into soups.

This is full of probiotics and microorganisms that will heal the gut. Having healthy gut flora is essential for good digestion, immunity, and detoxification.

Here is how to make it:

You should buy at least two big heads of cabbage if you are going to spend the time to make sauerkraut. That will yield about 5-6 jars, and make it worth your time.

Fill quart-sized Ball jars with chopped red or white cabbage. If you like color on your plate, you can’t beat the magenta of the red, so I always go with that. Leave about two inches between the top of the cabbage and the top of the jar. You can pack the cabbage in pretty tightly. Add 3-5 slices fresh ginger and 3-5 cloves of garlic on top of the cabbage. Add a teaspoon of brown mustard seeds and a teaspoon juniper berries into each jar.

manufacturing process

Then you have to make the brine and dump it over the whole thing. The brine includes whey.

Here is how you make whey. You buy a quart of whole fat plane yogurt and some cheesecloth. You get out a big bowl, and place the cheesecloth over the bowl. You then dump the whole container of yogurt over the cheesecloth. Then wrap the cheesecloth up like a baby diaper, and lift it up into the air and…what I do, is I tie it up like a stork’s bundle and tie the edges to a knob on one of my cabinets, so it’s suspended over the bowl. It should be leaking clear copious liquid, but not globby yogurt. You have to fold the cheesecloth the right amount of times initially so it’s leaking liquid (whey), not yogurt. I think with the standard cheesecloth, I end up opening the whole thing into a big small tablecloth sized piece and then refolding it back into a four square.

It will take a couple or a few hours for your whey to be in the bowl. The yogurt left in the cheesecloth will now be more like cheese. I eat that, too. I will glob it on a plate and pour some olive oil and herbs over it and eat it like a cheese with olives or something.

after fermentation it turns magenta!

Back to the sauerkraut. The brine is this: one cup of water to two tablespoons whey to two teaspoons Celtic or sea salt. So for every one cup of water, there has to be these two tablespoons of whey and two teaspoons of salt. So I actually get a big pitcher and measure 5 cups of water into it or however much it holds, and then 10 teaspoons and tablespoons of the other two things. Then I stir it real good and just start pouring the brine over the jars of stuff. be careful because your salt will want to stick in the bottom of the pitcher. So keep stirring as you pour.

You might have to make that pitcher of brine a couple times to get them all full. Put the lids on the jars and put them on a shelf, and wait…

They are ready to eat in as early as 5 days, but get way better the longer you let them ferment. I like to wait at least three weeks. It will store on the shelf or in the fridge for months!

Good luck. This is such a nourishing food, and a great way to start experimenting with fermentation.

– Sarah Thomas, LAc

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