Sarah’s herbal conference stone handout

Hello everybody. Thank you for your listening last weekend. We had over 175 stonalists in our classes!

Please email me so I can contact you about where and when future classes will be held.

Crystal and Plant Alchemy

Kunzite – The water color stone.

navigates intersections. intimacy. opens five senses to greater connection with the world. used for immunity, vulnerability to toxicity. see blog on this site “for smart gators in all of your motes.”

Watermelon Tourmaline – The stone that ripples out effects around it.

nourishes, tonifies, clears, uplifts, balances, protects (and every other word you can think of) for the physical and emotional heart. You CAN HAVE everything you always wanted! The heart only knows freedom and joy. Saying what needs to be said. emanating truth.

Obsidian – Stone of the Fire Mountain.

Illuminates your shadow sides. Like a dark mirror. Cleanses the soul (the ancestral genetic layer, the part of us who has lived all of the lifetimes). Can be sharpened to a few atoms thick so is very exacting. intense, fast, deals with power in every way.

Moldavite –

Extraterrestrial debris vaporized and melted with terrestrial debris. Pops open and activates the heart, also activates the stonalist in us. Deals with “the dark night of the soul,” or transformations that have us die completely to who we were. Fierce impact from heaven (the divine) that alchemizes who you are. Used in times of very rapid growth. Great stone for awakening consciousness. May be imprinted with Christ consciousness.

Carnelian –

Helps souls who are passing on or who have passed on move gracefully through the layers and find the light. Sends souls to the light.

Stone Walk –

Kyanite –

Creates bridges, like energy connections between things. repairs damaged body tissues, connects sorcerers, connects us to the plant and animal worlds. harmonizes emotions so we can see our emotions. smooths the flow of blood/emotions by calming and relaxing the liver.

Mica – Membrane into the source stone

Allows us to see how beautiful and perfect and precious we are in the eyes of the divine. Blows the dust off the mirror so we can see who we really are. perfect basal cleavage makes it a great buffering stone. can take us through things in handle-able layers.

Garnet – The pomegranate stone

Builds and strengthens the red and orange chakras. Tonifies and nourishes the root in a way that drives sexual energy and potency and raises the kundalini. expels pathogenic factors that were caused by external forces but then went into deeper layers of the body driving chronic degenerative disease. clears heat, moves blood.

Quartz – The Outstanding Stone

Regulates and tonifies qi. Also used for directionality. amphoteric.


Place the best water you can get into a glass container. Use as much as you want. The size of the stone doesn’t matter. This is vibrational medicine. Let the stone soak in the water for at least 8 hours. I always do it overnight. Cover it with a paper towel or something breathable. There will probably be little bubbles around the stone in the morning showing that a process of oxidizaton has occurred and the structure of the water has changed. You now have an elixir.

Dosage- Take 4 drops about ten times a day. Including right before bed and upon waking. Take until a shift occurs.

-Sarah Thomas, L.Ac.

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