Super Simple Support for your Kidneys

Winter is the season your kidneys do the most work. Here are five signs your kidneys might like a little extra help:

1) You are tired.

2) You are crashing in the afternoon and need coffee or sugar.

3) You are feeling an underlying fear, anxiety, or restlessness.

4) You are not sleeping deeply.

5) Your libido is low.

Now we do not need to get fancy, here! Your kidneys want the basics. Sometimes the basics aren’t exciting or seem too hard, but they really are the most effective treatments. Try these things first. They will change everything.

1) Drink more water. Water is life for your kidneys. Drink half your body weight in ounces each day. So if you weigh 150 lbs., drink 75 ounces a day. Do this for a solid week and notice how you feel.

2) Use Himalayan salt. What a simple change. This has sodium and potassium rather than sodium and iodine. Read online about how important this is for your kidneys.

3) Get nine hours of sleep in a dark room.

4) Rest, slow-down, and stop pushing. Every time you push to squeeze in an activity, you draw that precious energy from your kidneys. Ask yourself, “What can I NOT do today?” This is a very wise question to ask. Especially in the winter.

5) Have up to one cup of caffeine a day. You will love and cherish this one cup. It will be so lovely. Caffeine whips the kidneys to produce energy. It ultimately depletes them.

6) Buy some nettles tea bags and replace those extra cups of caffeine with nettles tea. Nettles is an absolutely priceless gift, and could become your kidneys best friend. Read about it online.

7) Move and exercise.

Your kidneys are the foundation of every other organ and process in your body. They are the bottom-line of your health, energy, and happiness. They govern your sleep, metabolism, libido, energy, reproductive organs, spine, brain, and your ability to be still and calm.

Spiritually, they govern fear and faith. Healthy kidneys transform fear and anxiety into courage, calmness, stillness, and a deep knowing that you are safe. Your kidneys know that there is a perfect plan for you, and that your destiny is unfolding exactly how it should, minute by minute, under the guidance of a kind and gentle force.

Your kidneys are actually so loyal and love you so much. Even when you drink three cups of coffee and run around like a crazy person, they keep doing everything they can to support you. It feels really good to support them a little bit, too.

-Sarah E. Thomas, L.Ac.

Oh! And, there are bad kidney stones and there are good kidney stones. The good ones are amazonite, sodalite, and obsidian.

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