2013 Stone Medicine Class Series

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.” -Rumi

Stone Medicine

Every aspect of life on our planet depends on the plant kingdom for its survival. And the plant kingdom depends entirely on the mineral kingdom! This provoked the common sense of our ancestors. They saw stone medicine as the grandmother of herbal medicine.

Over the next fifty years, we will experience the return of stone and crystal medicine. It will play a critical role in acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, farming, environmental restoration, space development, and more. Furthermore, it is crystal clear that they will play a role in our mass awakening, as humankind itself is becoming “transparent to the light.” Stone medicine is just about to pop.

Some of the hard working stones in my treatment room

The 2013 series

These classes are intended to help you intuitively interact with stones, while becoming an expert at their biology, geology, and chemistry. You will learn how to approach stone medicine practically and effectively.

We will synthesize several sources of historical information, with primary focus on the Chinese Taoist text Li shi-Zhen Ben Cao Geing Mu.

These classes are for everybody

If you are drawn to stones, these classes are for you. They are intended for the general public. Acupuncturists, herbalists, all health professionals, and stay-at-home stonalists are all welcome. There is no prerequisite knowledge required and beginners will feel very comfortable.

Stone medicine is a sea of vastly uncharted potentials. If you are drawn to stones, you are probably a part of the emerging ‘stonalist’ army. Together, we will rediscover and write our earth’s deepest medicine.

I invite you to start studying with us. Your next opportunity will be at the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference. I will be teaching Stones for Women’s Health, Stones for Trauma, and Stone and Plant Alchemy.

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

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