Audrey Rowan ND, LAc


Healing is the art of transformation.  A shift from one state of consciousness into a more favorable one. Cultivating a deep presence and self-awareness guides us in making empowered choices that manifest our dreams into reality.

As the Taoists say so eloquently, “the only constant is change”.  Thus, my goal is to help you discover how to tune in to and maintain a state of empowered flow, embodying true health and well-being, and aligning mind body and spirit to that which is your True Nature.  

The journey IS the destination.

I live for the “ah-ha!” moments in life. Those realizations of some deeper truth that come through like lightning strikes of insight, or soft unfoldings of understanding. Those moments of clarity that disperse the clouds of doubt, confusion and judgement making way for deeper insight and awareness and shifts in perspective. Embodied experiences that transform all levels of one’s being; integrating mind, body, and spirit. Many of my own ‘ah-ha’ moments have come through studying and working with these ancient healing technologies, which have the ability to re-awaken our innate self-healing capacities and re-ignite our curiosity and engagement with the journey that is this life. Through blending East and West, ancient and new-age, I offer a unique weaving of scientific technologies with sage wisdom, practices and philosophies, to activate and catalyze your healing journey.

My Mission

From my own experience, I know that nourished and awake human beings lead to a better world for all beings everywhere. I am deeply inspired to help others discover how to uniquely express their gifts, activate their latent capabilities, and be productive and creative in whatever it is that makes you feel alive and passionate and empowered. To live a more embodied life. One with deeper awareness of the sacredness of every moment.

teaching my first craniosacral workshop

teaching my first craniosacral workshop

I hope this comprehensive approach provides:

  • a framework for self-revelation and understanding of how your physiology dances with your emotional well-being,
  • insight into how your spiritual alignment effects your neuroregulatory systems,
  • awareness of the interplay between your biochemical processes with your genetic and elemental make-up,
  • and empower your own agency and sovereignty in accessing that deep inner alchemy that already knows how to transform, how to heal, and how to play with these dynamic landscapes.  

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(NC LAc #812 and Nationally Certified with NCCAOM)