Audrey’s Services and Fees

esoteric acuInitial Esoteric Acupuncture Consultation. (90 minutes) $135

  • Aligns and activates the Chakras and meridians while awakening higher levels of consciousness by combining Acupuncture with specialized Sacred Geometry patterns. This helps clear stuck energies that no longer serve your highest good while anchoring your unique divine blueprint into the physical body bringing about expanded awareness, clarity of mind, deeper alignment with your spiritual nature, and harmonizes and enlivens your physical and emotional well-being.

This first session will include a Chakra assessment questionnaire to engage the mind, as well as an initial pendulum diagnosis of the chakras on your body to engage your innate somatic wisdom. A specific sacred geometrical Acupuncture pattern will then be chosen based upon your unique results to re-align and re-balance your energy centers. Post treatment, a 2nd pendulum assessment will be performed to affirm balancing effects. Specially chosen and curated healing sound frequencies will facilitate the journey. A once monthly tune-up and check-in is recommended. In between sessions, it is encouraged that you allow your Spirit and lifestyle to integrate and re-calibrate with the newly encoded healing frequencies and enjoy the journey of Becoming the Whole healed You.

Follow Up Esoteric Acupuncture Session. (60 minutes) $80

The follow up session will similarly consist of a pendulum assessment of the current state of balance of your chakras. A specific sacred geometrical Acupuncture pattern will be chosen, followed by a 2nd pendulum assessment to affirm balancing effects. Specially chosen and curated healing sound frequencies will facilitate the journey.


Initial TCM Acupuncture Consultation. (60 minutes) $125

This includes a comprehensive health history, a Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis, open-hearted discussion of your chief concerns and needs, and becoming clear in the focus of goals for our work together. This will often include an acupuncture treatment. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete initial paperwork.

Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment. (60 minutes) $80

Acupuncture is cumulative. To re-calibrate and re-wire initial concerns into new ways of being, a few consecutive treatments are recommended at the beginning, and then individually tailored for continued support, growth, and facilitation of reaching desired goals towards health and well-being. As needed, ongoing care includes herbal medicine, supplement recommendations, nutritional counseling, sustainable life-style changes, qi gong exercises, blood chemistry, and more.


Wellness Consultation. (includes (2) 60 minute appointments) $333

On the first visit, we’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your current state of health and set wellness goals. We’ll discuss main concerns and practical approaches to bringing the body back into balance and vitality.

Further bloodwork and testing may be recommended and/or feel free to request guidance if you’re curious and desire a baseline for your own records and knowledge.

On the follow-up visit, a more detailed wellness protocol will be provided that is specifically tailored to your needs and may include dietary/lifestyle recommendations, supplement/botanical prescriptions, cleansing/detox outlines, homeopathy, etc.

This consultation will combine and blend the holistic approaches of both Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine.


sacredG spine brain skullCraniosacral Therapy. (60 minutes) $80

A visionary approach to Craniosacral Therapy that combines classical Upledger with an intuitive approach taught by Hugh Milne. Tuning into the Rhythm of the Soul creating states of insight and alignment, while also releasing pain, tension, and trauma from the fascial and cellular matrix. This is available to everyone as a stand-alone or alternating with Acupuncture treatments.

Craniosacral Therapy Package of (4) sessions. $300

While a lot can happen in just one session, like Acupuncture, CST works cumulatively. This gives both the client and practitioner time to build trust, allowing the body and spirit to open and be more willing to receive and release.


asian facialFacial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Cupping & Gua Sha. 

Our face is a holographic mirror of our internal landscape, revealing stress and health issues like a map. Emotions like anxiety, worry, anger, joy, and grief all contribute to tension and cause wrinkles on the face. The state of Qi, blood, and body fluids effect complexion, coloration, and tone. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is a holistic and full-body treatment that allows your inner beauty and spirit to shine through the portal of your face. Focus on facial needling, facial cupping and facial Gua Sha in every treatment. 

Consult Only (30 min) $55

Consult + Mini First Treatment (90 min) $222

Each Treatment (90 min) $222

6-Treatment Package $1,290.00

12-Treatment Package $2,600.00 (recommended for best results)