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IMG_8347Sarah Thomas, LAc

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and earned a degree in painting from Pennsylvania State University. In 2008, I received my Masters in Acupuncture at Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute). This was the most brilliant education I ever could have asked for.

After treating hundreds of patients over thousands of treatments, I believe that disease is always rooted in a consciousness. Our bodies are clear signalers of deeply held beliefs, often subconscious. Long-term patterns, whether physical or spiritual,  have their roots in these consciousnesses. Our souls, the aspect of us who is much more vast than our present life experience, need healing.

Acupuncture is a full spectrum approach and can address the level of the soul, ancestry, karma and deep emotional cycles.

With each patient, I focus on being present with their consciousness and heart. This leads to true and permanent healing rather than fighting symptoms, which constantly return when their roots are not tended. Experienced healers know that even when we successfully treat a physical symptom, it will only return or find another way to manifest if the consciousness behind it is not healed.

Technically, I focus on spirit and soul-centered treatments such as esoteric geometry patterns, eight-extraordinary meridian openings, and 5-element constitutional patterns and points. Below, I translate these to our human experience.

I also use light, crystals, plants, sound and small rituals that resonate with consciousness. This could be called a shamanistic approach, which is the most ancient form of healing on Earth. Each treatment is your own personal ceremony where miraculous leaps in healing can occur. This approach becomes a healing path where patients come in for their next evolution generally every two weeks.

Western and Chinese herbs, Taoist stone and crystal medicine, craniosacral therapy and functional lab testing may be included with treatments as needed. Common acupuncture approaches are listed next.

Esoteric Geometry Patterns – These treatments use biogeometry principles rather than a direct meridian approach. They are some of the most powerful treatments available and create life-changing shifts. The body recognizes the geometries and brings them to the “yuan” level, which is the level of consciousness, soul, lineage and chronic or even lifelong dis-ease. An example of a healing that can take place with this kind of intervention would be a complete and permanent state of self-forgiveness flooding the body for something the patient has never been able to forgive themselves for. This shame and inner pain could be the root consciousness behind their high blood pressure, for instance, or may have become a more serious disease.

Eight-Extraordinary Meridian Treatments – These eight meridians reach to greater depths than any other set of meridians. They hold the entire record of our soul’s journey. They are known to actually change the course of our lives and the trajectory of our destiny. For instance, if it has been stored in your deep records (DNA) that you would attract addicted primary partners in this lifetime, that can actually be altered and redirected. Another example would be a woman who has had many miscarriages because her own mother did or because she did in other incarnations. These treatments can actually break that cycle at the level of the DNA and redirect towards a healthy pregnancy.

5-Element Constitutional Points – This is a Taoist approach rooted in an ancient text known as the Nan Jing. It is my primary graduate focus and you can read more about 5-element acupuncture at the blog about it on this site. These treatments focus on emotional patterns such as deep chronic grief, anxiety, worry, sadness/depression and more. These points have dislodged many emotional grooves in patients over the years. A great example would be a man who is so angry that his child was abused by a neighbor that his anger becomes ‘toxic’ and moves into the deepest layers of his being, causes depression, and may even become a ‘fire toxin’ which can create cancer or any other serious disease that eats away at him. Trauma, deep fear and other deep emotion that can greatly affect one’s life can be addressed as well.

In each example, we see that our daily physical symptoms and emotional patterns are rooted in the spirit and soul-level. We will use our time together to heal you at this level. In my experience, it is working at this level that truly cures physical symptoms, opens our hearts, and awakens our consciousness.

I also own Upper Clarity Stone Medicine, a live and online class resource for Chinese stone and mineral classes (UpperClarity.com) and teach healing principles and stone medicine at Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism and yearly at several national conferences including the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference.

(NC Acupuncture License #532 and nationally certified with NCCAOM #112481)

Audrey Rowan, ND, LAc

audrey headshot

I believe healing is the art of transformation. The alchemy of change. Poetry embodied in biology. The power of choice, coming from a deep presence and self-awareness that makes dreams a reality. As the Taoists would say, “the only constant is change”. And so my goal is to help you discover how to be more consistently in a state of empowered flow, effortlessly allowing your life to harmonize with the rhythms of your true nature, and finding alignment with true health and well-being.    

I absolutely live for the “ah-ha!” moments in life, those seemingly mundane, yet everyday realizations like lightning strikes of insight, or soft unfoldings of understanding, that disperse the clouds of doubt, confusion and judgement. Embodied experiences that transform all levels of one’s being; integrating mind, body, and spirit. “The journey is the destiny”, a wise woman once said, and working with these ancient healing technologies have the ability to re-awaken your innate self-healing capacities and re-ignite your curiosity and engagement with the journey.  

A bit about my background. I grew up in Southern California, a bookworm from the beginning. My greatest friend my imagination, I was always engrossed in tales of faeries and heroines on epic journeys in mythical lands. Fast forward to college, I was an out-of-the-closet nerd studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology at UC San Diego, receiving my B.S. in 2009. During these years, my own health concerns initiated me on a path of self-discovery, nutrition, and healing. Before I even graduated, I was enrolled to begin my studies at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut, which sounded to me as close to Hogwarts as I could get 😉 As someone who looks for magic everywhere, I found it in the healing arts and the science of life. 

This opened the doors to also immersing myself in the deep alchemical wisdom of Chinese Medicine. By the close of 2013, I had graduated summa cum laude with my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, my Masters in TCM Acupuncture, and certified in Craniosacral Therapy. 

teaching my first craniosacral workshop

teaching my first Craniosacral workshop

To broaden my experience, I have traveled to Guatemala to work in a free field clinic, studied with many wonderful teachers and elders in the Wise Women herbal community, and medicine men in the Jamaican bush. The study of medicine is a forever kinda pursuit and passion. After 7 years of study, the depth and breadth of elegance and dynamic complexity within the interrelated systems of the human body, mind, and spirit continues to amaze, humble, and inspire me.

Through blending East and West, ancient and cutting-edge, I offer a unique weaving of scientific technologies with sage wisdom, practices and philosophies, to activate and catalyze your healing journey.

I hope this provides:

  • a framework for self-revelation and understanding of how your physiology dances with your emotional well-being,
  • your spiritual alignment with your neuroregulatory systems,
  • your biochemical process with your genetic and elemental make-up,
  • and empower your own agency and sovereignty in accessing that deep inner alchemy that already knows how to transform, how to heal, and how to play with these dynamic landscapes.  

From my own experience, I know that nourished human beings lead to a better world for all beings everywhere. And so I am deeply inspired to help others discover how to be productive and creative in whatever it is that makes you feel alive and passionate and empowered. To live a more embodied life. One with deeper awareness of the sacredness and gifts of life.

To see more of my areas of focus, visit our “Who We Can Help” page.

(NC LAc #812 and Nationally Certified with NCCAOM)