To Schedule

To schedule over the phone, call (828)505-0402. If you call outside the hours of Tuesday- Friday 10am-3pm, we will return your message as soon as possible.

To schedule online, please use the button below. Please read this carefully before booking online:

Sarah works two rooms on certain days at certain times. You will be able to choose what room you prefer. (The ‘womb room’ is completely renovated with beautiful new energy).

When you book:

Choose your practitioner first. “Sarah” works in the regular room with all the stones and windows. We have renamed that room the “rainbow room.” Appointments in the rainbow room begin on the hour.

You can also choose “Sarah 2.” Sarah 2 works in the “womb room” and starts appointments on the half-hour.


Sarah” works in the

rainbow room

on the hour

Sarah 2” works in the

womb room

on the half-hour

So just be sure to select your practitioner, Sarah or Sarah 2. And the rest should unfold easily. If you don’t see something that works for you in your first-choice room, go back and check the other room to see if we have what you like.

One final request – please schedule labwork consults and craniosacral therapy on Thursdays only. If this does not work for you, just call us to schedule and the receptionist will work some magic on the back-end for you. 

We hope this online scheduling and room choice brings you more accessible and easy healing. Please remember all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of their start-time will be charged the full fee.

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