Services and Fees

Sarah’s services and fees: (Audrey’s are below)

Chinese Medicine:

Initial Acupuncture Consultation (1 hour) – $125

Includes a comprehensive health history intake, a spacious discussion about what you would like to see change, and a Chinese medical physical examination. In some cases we will have time for a short acupuncture treatment. The most important thing is making a clear connection on our goals together. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment (1 hour) – $80

For most people, acupuncture treatment will begin after our initial appointment. Ongoing acupuncture care includes (as needed) herbal medicine, stone medicine, nutritional and supplemental support.

Initial Herbal or Stone Medicine Consultation (1 hour) – $100

This service can stand alone if you are simply interested in knowing what stones and/or plants might support you the most. Some post-discussion study will be done on what would help you the most and a prescription with clear guidelines will be emailed to you. This can be done in person or over the phone. Does not include acupuncture.

Stone and Crystal Treatment (1 hour) – $80

Stones and crystals specific to your needs will be placed on the body, rather than acupuncture needles. This is an ancient and powerful application of Chinese medicine. We will talk for ten to fifteen minutes and then begin the treatment which will last about thirty minutes. This is great for kids, people who don’t like needles, or people who feel very drawn to stones.

Functional Medicine:

Functional Blood Chemistry Consultation (45 minutes) – $80

This is a comprehensive blood chemistry interpretation which includes (as needed) herbal, nutritional, and supplemental protocols and integration with your ongoing acupuncture treatment plan. A wealth of helpful information can be obtained from simple blood work.

Adrenal Fatigue Labwork Consultation – (45 minutes) – $80

An easy-to-take saliva test kit will be given to you which will reveal your cortisol levels throughout the day as well as your DHEA levels. Plant-based hormones will be prescribed to your specific rhythms. This is a crucial repair if you feel tired, fatigued and run-down.

Gastrointestinal Pathogen Labwork Consultation – (45 minutes) – $80

A take-home stool kit will reveal your gut health including microbial balance, specific parasites, and other possible infections like H.Pylori and more. Natural and specific herbal and supplement protocols will be prescribed that will bring you back to balance.


Crystal Bed Sessions (1 hour) – $40

This is available to anyone, with or without being a regular acupuncture patient. You will lie down on the acupuncture table and a crystal bed is placed above you with seven Vogel-cut quartz crystals pointed at each of your chakras. Colored lights matched to the chakra system shine through each crystal. Very intentional playlists have been created for the sound connected to the treatment. This is a light, color, sound and crystal treatment all in one. It’s extraordinarily calming for the nervous system and is a great way to journey and connect with your higher self or spiritual guides.

Audrey’s services and fees:

Initial Acupuncture Consultation. (1 hour) $125

This includes a comprehensive health history, a Chinese medical physical exam, open-hearted discussion of your chief concerns and needs, and becoming clear in the focus of goals for our work together. This will often include an acupuncture treatment. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete foundational paperwork.

Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment. (1 hour) $80

Acupuncture is cumulative. To re-calibrate and re-wire initial concerns into new ways of being, a few consecutive treatments are recommended at the beginning, and then individually tailored for continued support, growth, and facilitation of reaching desired goals towards health and well-being. As needed, ongoing care includes herbal medicine, supplement recommendations, nutritional counseling, sustainable life-style changes, qi gong exercises, blood chemistry, and more.

Craniosacral Therapy. (1 hour) $80

A visionary approach to Craniosacral Therapy that combines classical Upledger with an intuitive approach taught by Hugh Milne. Tuning into the Rhythm of the Soul creating states of insight and alignment, while also releasing pain, tension, and trauma from the fascial and cellular matrix. This is available to everyone as a stand-alone or alternating with Acupuncture treatments.

Craniosacral Therapy Package of (4) sessions. $280

While a lot can happen in just one session, like Acupuncture, CST works cumulatively. This gives both the client and practitioner time to build trust, allowing the body and spirit to open and be more willing to receive and release.


Payment methods: We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Amex.

Insurance: We will provide you with receipts that you may submit to your health insurance provider.  Call your insurance provider if you are not sure whether or not acupuncture is covered under your plan. You may also consider using your HSA (health-savings account).

Cancellation Policy: You are required to cancel scheduled appointments 24 hours in advance by phone or email.  Missed appointments will be charged the regular appointment fee.

To schedule: You will find a “to schedule” tab on the homepage if you would like to schedule online. You can also call our office at (828)505-0402.