I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I left my appointment earlier and this is the most relief I’ve felt in 4 days. I do feel lighter and and have slightly more energy…enough to make it to Trader Joe’s AND the dog food store :) You are wonderful :) – WH

Wanted to share how strongly I feel I am back in the light …. more optimism than I’ve felt for many weeks. Thank you … always – SB

Holy 180, Batman! I was so unstressed right away that my mind wouldn’t even let a full thought through. It was amazing! -IL

I cannot thank you enough for researching alternate GI tests and finding such a great option for me!  I have never had a practitioner go to so much trouble, without me even asking them to.  When I got your email I was so surprised and touched that I got teary. &#X1f60a  I am so appreciative to be your patient! – MG

I cant tell you how much better I feel since we started. I have so much energy – I never thought I could have this much energy. And all of my physical issues are resolved. This has been amazing. -AL

I am sipping on the allergy tea you gave me and I just found myself spin in my chair for no reason, so I’d say I’m feeling better! Thank you so much I am beyond grateful!  -MT

You’re advice and direction on the adrenal fatigue issue has really helped me out and I wanted to make sure to thank you. With just the few sessions we had it really changed my life and I’ll definitely be back!  -WH

Thank you for a life-changing session.  -AB

I felt so much better after the last treatment! I felt so damn good. No more grief, not more jaw tension, everybody and everything was great and still is. Thank god. It’s such a gift and I feel so honored you get me. It’s like a miracle and miracles are real.  -KM

 I want to tell you that I feel better this morning than I have in a long time – my joints are almost normal!  Wow!  It’s so encouraging. What did you do????  : ) I mean…. really?  -JS

 Thanks for “staying with me”  – I had such a great day yesterday!  Felt a silent ‘giggle’ inside all day.  Often came out as a big grin on my face. – SB

 I want to thank you for all of your support over the last few months. I am still amazed at how the treatments allowed me to start having a cycle again! I have absolute faith that with a bit more internal work my body will find its rhythm and I will get pregnant!   -AW

 Thanks for all of your advice this past year. It has been pivotal in positive change in my life.  – JS

 I am so grateful for your gentle healing – I feel so much more myself than I did before I came to see you today! – EA

 Thank you for today’s session. I wanted you to know that since I left your office my back quit hurting.  The difference between the time I came in and shortly after I left is like night and day. What ever you did was awesome!  -PM

 Just wanted to say thank you for the treatment yesterday, it really helped to move things for me. Last night I cried a lot and today feeling much better, more energy, not as negative. Lots of appreciation for my partner and who he is. All around being lighter with my life.  -PF

My experience with Sarah as my acupuncturist has been nothing short of life changing.  Dealing with fibromyalgia and related chronic pain, she provided treatment that has enabled me to not have physical pain in months, but has helped me accept that it is a path. -KO

Ever since I left Sarah’s office yesterday, I have been feeling better and better.  Perhaps more accurately, I have been feeling lighter and lighter.  I’ve felt better in the past 24 hours than I have since I got my diagnosis.  My best friend said he could hear the difference in the sound of my voice. -MA

Thank you so much for your presence and offerings on my journey of conception and through pregnancy health and birth. Thank you Thank you Thank you.  – KH

I am pregnant, 17 weeks.  Thrilled and happy, due on January 6th.  Thanks, Sarah,  for being a part of my journey! -BC

Sarah has the gentlest touch with the needles of all of the acupuncturists I have had. My doctor has been happy with my blood pressure and my asthma results. He has taken me off of my allergy medication completely.  My doctor told me to keep going on with the acupuncture. -AL

I must have told 20 people about how amazing this whole process was. Four or five appointments later I was waking up daily with NO pain. I had no idea what to expect but I got more than I could have asked for.DG

Cannot thank you enough. My energy level is completely back up, the difference is amazing, and my fear has subsided. Your connection with the divine is incredible, and you always know the right thing to say.  -MY

Thank you Sarah! for the treatment! I feel so wonderfully grounded into the present moment it’s awesome!!!!!! -KM

Before I started acupuncture, 1.5 weeks of each month was overcome with anxiety, mood swings, and physical pain, due to PMS. After my first session with Sarah, I am 100% anxiety free and am in total control of any minor “moodiness” I might encounter. Acupuncture has been a powerful, life changing experience and has totally beaten PMS. -SH

Thanks so much for the treatment yesterday. I am now feeling much more grounded and at peace with my emotions, not nearly as overwhelmed. -JAT

I just wanted to let you know how much better I feel physically today after your treatment yesterday. I’m almost completely pain free today. Thanks for taking such good care of me. -CW

Sarah has helped me actualize real life dreams I didn’t even know I had. And all along she has helped me awaken fully to my own power, my own divine light, and I have never been more fulfilled! Sarah is a true light worker and one that I am honored and blessed to have met! -KM

I went to see Sarah because I have chronic tension headaches. She spent a great deal of time just getting to know me on a personally level.  I was so calm, relaxed and felt whole and at peace. It was a wonderful experience. -JF

I was so unbelievably relaxed on Saturday and felt calmer than I have in months. My energy level is amazing and I  feel as if a big weight has been lifted off of me. I notice that I am able to think a little clearer and organize my thoughts better.  I truly cannot thank you enough! – MW