Three forces that will open anybody.

When someone blooms and opens under my care, I call that healing. In fact, this is my favorite definition of healing: the unfolding of one’s spirit, blooming and opening like a flower, to who they really are.

Over the past year, I went through my own process of incredible growth and opening. I . . . → Read More: Three forces that will open anybody.

Reishi the Spirit Mushroom

Guest blog by Jessica Godino, L.Ac.

Tucked away in a wooded corner of northern Westchester County, New York, is a nature preserve known as the Mianus Gorge. I was lucky enough to grow up within walking distance of “The Gorge”.  As a teenager, I spent countless hours in those woods walking, wandering, and . . . → Read More: Reishi the Spirit Mushroom

Try our new John of God Crystal Bed!

Hello Everybody.

We are now the proud owners of a John of God crystal bed. The bed provides deeply calming and profound treatments. We want to share this with our Clarity family of patients and friends because it is one of the most incredible treatments to calm the nervous system that we have experienced. There is so . . . → Read More: Try our new John of God Crystal Bed!

CranioSacral Therapy at Clarity.

We are so excited to announce that Rowan Farrell will be offering sessions at Clarity starting this week. I have been blessed to receive bodywork for Rowan for many years and am always surprised at how profound her sessions are. Both CranioSacral and lymphatic drainage are very complementary to acupuncture. Here is more info about Rowan . . . → Read More: CranioSacral Therapy at Clarity.

Kunzite! For smart gators in all of your motes.

Once, I dreamt I found myself in a sacred room. It was a very small and lit by one candle. There was an alter with a small tattered book and a piece of kunzite, and that was all. I realized this room was the deepest inner chambers of my heart.

Many larger rooms branched off from here, . . . → Read More: Kunzite! For smart gators in all of your motes.

Vitamin D and Ancestral Health

Vitamin D is perhaps one of the most important and mysterious nutrients that our bodies need. Recent research has found that Vitamin D is important for not only bone health, but immune, hormonal, cardiovascular, and emotional health as well.  It is potentially crucial in prevention of many cancers, viral infections, chronic . . . → Read More: Vitamin D and Ancestral Health

Rhodiola, gift to humanity!

I am writing this blog to save me some work, because I suggest rhodiola rosea so often that this will save me writing this love anthem over and over on little pieces of paper and stuffing them into my patients goody bags.

Jessica taught me everything I know about this herb, so this is coming from her, . . . → Read More: Rhodiola, gift to humanity!

Confessions of a Coconut Pusher

Recently, a dear friend who is also a patient of mine accused me of being a “coconut pusher.”  And it does seem true that hardly anyone emerges from my treatment room without a prescription for eating coconut.  After 20 years of studying herbs, nutrition and healing, coconut is my number one healing “herb” (second only to . . . → Read More: Confessions of a Coconut Pusher

Sapphire Miracle

Today, I traveled down to Franklin, NC in search of some adventure at Mason’s ruby and sapphire mine. Franklin is truly a rockhounder’s paradise with rock shops, gem museums, and mines around every corner. Mason’s mine site appealed to me because it is “unsalted,” meaning the mine owners do not enrich (throw little specimens from other . . . → Read More: Sapphire Miracle

When Doctors Were Invented

Doctors were invented during the birth of the industrial revolution. When factories began to emerge, people left their homes and villages to go to work – for the first time. Before this, people were working for their father or their uncle or their cousin, on their land or up the road. They ate together at the . . . → Read More: When Doctors Were Invented